LeGrande Serras


LeGrande Serras, third-generation restaurant owner, opened The Reel Seafood Co. in 1984. His family’s humble beginnings instilled in him the importance of giving back, and for four decades LeGrande has worked tirelessly to support the Capital Region’s thriving arts community and the countless human services organizations whose work empowers the disenfranchised.

Employing his special gift for communication — and some shameless prodding LeGrande has raised over $24 million as an auctioneer at more than 2,000 charity auctions in the Albany Area.

Since selling The Reel Seafood Co. in 2013, LeGrande has expanded his philanthropic efforts. In addition to his many auctioneering gigs, he speaks to the community and professional groups about the critical role that independent businesses play in building a sustainable community.